The 3 layers of sexual content in media today

As I continue to study our sexual culture, I have noticed that pornography is evolving as technology becomes more integrated with our sexual energy. There are 3 main layers (that I’ve come up with through research & observation) to sexual content today that we should consider:


The 1st layer is mainstream pornography that’s produced by huge media conglomerates. These companies have the marketing & distributive power to influence our sexual culture & sexual energy the most. These organizations also have agents, contracts, & systems in place to keep producing content. The sexual quality of this type of content is what I critique & analyze the most as I feel it’s the most detrimental to our sexual consciousness.  


The 2nd layer are lesser known websites & content producers that try & complete with the 1st layer. They also try & create systems in place in which they can garner more & more consumers. They might not have the biggest budgets, but they still are somewhat influential in the sexual content space. There are many bad actors in this layer who try to win the “sexual attention” of the masses by exploiting people’s sexual energy. This is not to say that this also doesn’t happen in the 1st & 3rd layer.  


The 3rd layer is sexual content that is self-created, self-produced, & self-published. Individuals who are in this layer sell their content online through different platforms. Typically, they do camera shows, create their own videos, sell pictures, erotic audio stories etc. They own their own content & distribute it as they see fit. This 3rd layer is growing quickly today. The main problem for adult stars in the 1st layer is, most of the time, they don’t own any of their content nor do they own the distribution rights. This 3rd layer evolved out of the inefficiencies & frustrations with the 1st layer. All of this produced a huge side effect. Now anyone with a phone & internet connection can sell their sexual expression.


My question is, is this 3rd layer more sexually conscious than the 1st or 2nd? The 3rd layer definitely feels more sexually authentic, genuine, and real… but is it helping or hurting our sexual consciousness? To be honest, I’m unsure of the sexual effects. I have definitely seen some couples & individuals where I was like “Hey, that sexual art is pretty good.” They also feel much more relatable than other layers. But I’ve also seen folks in this layer who just mimic the 1st & 2nd layer over and over again. Post continued in the comments!   


Please note: these 3 layers can intersect. Individuals can be a part of all 3 layers or just 1 layer. Also, don’t forget that dysfunctional sexual energy can infiltrate all these layers as there is always individualistic dynamics, like a person’s past, trauma, pain, and curiosity that can influence a person’s choice in which layer they decide to go with.  

I asked myself, “How can this 3rd layer create more sexual depth for us? After all, consumers are paying for sexual expression in some form.” But then I thought to myself, “Well I do pay for admission to see a museum, a film, and a play at a theatre. Aren’t all those forms of expression as well?” I think I’m conflicted because we are working with sexual energy, and it’s such a powerful energy that requires so much responsibility. To have it so openly expressed I’m still trying to form my own personal opinion on whether we can use this 3rd layer to create a deeper sexual consciousness or if a new layer needs to emerge.

Our sexual culture has to much sexual fantasy & not enough sexual reality.
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The portrayal of sex in pornography shows sexual expression very clearly, but almost always lacks to show WHY the sex is occurring. Often times, an adult film’s “reality” is a loose script attached to the scene which, let’s just be honest, is always pretty dumb. Pizza boys, pool boys, nurses, maids, teachers, massage therapist and many more porn arc types litter the scene as a justification for having or getting sex.


Mainstream pornography that’s produced by huge media conglomerates use these porn arc types as a fun and quirky way to make the scene more fantasy like and sexual. But hidden behind these dynamics are predatory like relationships that force a cringey power dynamic. I would argue that these arc types are used as sexually exploitative devices in the scene. Individuals in the service, education, and medical industry are viewed by our sexual culture as “less than” and easier to “get with” sexually. Their vulnerability and position in society is played with and thus their sexual energy is taken advantage of. This is clearly depicted in many adult films that have huge marketing budgets and distributive means.


This superior/subordinate relationship in mainstream pornography, in my view, is all about trying to get an easy lay, because the thought is, “who can sexually resist someone in a higher position?” Additionally, it makes us feel better if it’s the massage therapist or the nurse because aren’t they supposed to make us feel better anyways? These types of justifications for engaging in sex are fundamentally dysfunctional and lack a serious dose of reality. Interestingly enough, and according to the Center for American Progress, the food services industry, health care industry, and education services are all the top careers in which sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct take place. These industries and careers are ALSO THE MOST depicted in adult films. Is there a correlation? I’m unsure to be honest, as more research needs to be done.


Is it different if you are sharing these fantasies with someone you love and trust? From a sexual energetic perspective, does it matter? You are still conditioning your body and sexual energy to a flawed dynamic. When I mention this, I often get the “your shaming my kink” line which is so clearly a conditioned response that our sexual culture has taught. “Shaming my kink” is a line used so a person can justify their bad sexual behavior. Our sexual culture loves when folks use this because it keeps them believing in all of the sexual illusions that media, pornography, magazines etc. has to offer. Tricky dynamic right?


But how do we change this type of sexual consciousness? I think we need a change in how the media views sexual relationships. I would like to see more realistic types of sexual expression. Can we see lovers argue, make up, and then have sex all in a healthy communicative way? Can we show lovers on their 10th anniversary and the evolution of their sexual expression? Can we show the actual dynamics of a long day at work and then being supported through sexual expression? Can we show sex that’s just ok for once?

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