Published Books

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"The Art of Energetical Lovemaking: Book 1" lays out the fundamentals of what Feminine energy is - in addition to what Feminine sexual energy is and how to use and cultivate it during energetical lovemaking.


The book also outlines how to move into energetical lovemaking from start to finish to assist with Feminine healing and connecting her back to her physical and energetic body. Additionally, the book provides specific lovemaking healing positions, core sexual energy exercises, and energy meditations to further increase Feminine polarity and the depth of love in her body.  


Ultimately the duty of this book is to provide the Masculine and Feminine a solid framework for sustaining and cultivating an intimate relationship based in the depths of Masculine and Feminine energy and sexual polarity.   

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"I See You" is a short illustrated book aimed at healing today's Masculine & Feminine. With beautiful artwork and descriptions for each art piece readers can find inspiration within this book to serve their relationships, highest self,  and healing.